App development

Apps are the centerpiece of the new always connected mobile society. Creating a high quality app for your business can truly help set up apart from your competition and be of great use to your customers. My app development services include the following:

  • iPhone and iPad (native, using Swift)
  • Cross-platform (web based, using Ionic)

Not sure of what you need? I’m here to help. Making good apps that benefit the customer is partly about solving the right problems. Drop a message down below and we will start off by identifying and exploring the needs of your business.

Cross-platform vs “real” native app development?

Native apps are first-hand citizens in the app world. It’s what the phone maker intended, and what they officially support. Cross-platform solutions have traditionally had questionable quality, much because they don’t look like they belong on the particular platform and don’t always behave like you expect. Because of this, “real” native apps tend to be conceived as having higher quality.

Why don’t we just build native apps then? Well, building an app from the ground up for each platform you want to support (iOS, Android and possibly more) is an expensive and time consuming task. Luckily, the cross-platform solutions are maturing and are starting to catch up on their native counterparts. Ionic, which is my cross platform solution of choice, can be a good alternative if your app is relatively small and you want presence Android and iOS without paying the double. Get in touch and I’ll help you explore the options.

Services are available remotely or in Gothenburg

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