Interface design

Good interface design is much more than just a shiny, good looking website or app. It can be the difference between converting a visitor to a paying customer on a sales page. It can increase the number of visitors that complete an e-commerce checkout process, by minimizing the traction. It can help strengthen your brand and convey professionalism and trust. Good interface design plays an important role to succeed in the digital age. My design services primarily include:

  • Mobile interface design
  • Web interface design

UX and why it’s an important part of good interface design

User experience design (UX) means you care less about looks and more about usability and making software easy and fast for the target audience to use. UX is a great interest of mine and is something I always try to incorporate as a natural part of my design process. In doing so, I force myself to think of the design in a greater perspective – both in terms of business goals, target audience and usability. As a result, I strive to design interfaces that clearly convey the goal to the visitor in language and visuals at a level of complexity that the audience can be expected to understand.

Let’s find out how my design services can help take your digital presence to the next level.

Services are available remotely or in Gothenburg

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