Dagens Växjö

The project

In Entrepreneurship class we got to run our own “youth company” (“Ung Företagsamhet”, Sweden’s JA-YE organization) for an entire school year. My friends and I decided to develop a simple and modern mobile application for iOS and Android named Dagens Växjö (“Dagens” is Swedish for “Today’s dish” ) where you quickly can see the daily lunch offers and special dishes at the restaurants in Växjö. We’re a team of five, with very different specialities, from economy to digital design and iOS-development. Our business idea was to let the restaurants pay a monthly subscription in order to promote their lunch offers.

My role

My responsibilities included brand-, app- and web design, web and API development, server administration as well as cooperating with Marco Koivisto on development of the iOS application. I also attended sales meetings with our clients (the restaurants), together with the rest of the team.

The outcome

We had about 10 restaurants at max, and won three awards. We also attended the national “Ung Företagsamhet” finale in Stockholm, as one of eight youth companies representing the county of Kronoberg. At the end of the course, we took the decision to shut down the youth company. We did however all gain a tremendous amount of experience about for instance sales, business economics and product development.

  • Best “Technical” Website 2014. We won first prize for having the most technically advanced website out of the more than 3000 student teams nation-wide (65000 students) that competed in Webbstjärnan 2014.
  • Best Website 2014. We won first prize for best JA-YE company website in the county of Kronoberg.
  • Best Logotype 2014. We won first prize for best JA-YE company logotype in the county of Kronoberg.

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